Ministry of Finance Auto Review

The Ministry of Finance has engaged the accounting firm KPMG to provide annual reports to the government in 2014 and 2015 on a variety of issues relating to auto insurance, including the effect of the 2010 changes on the Statutory Accident Benefits Schedule, whether the recommendations made by the Anti-Fraud Task Force have achieved their objectives, the implications of the Douglas Cunningham Dispute Resolution System report, and the effect that specific cases such as Scarlett v. Belair and Henry v. Gore have had on those who claim accident benefits.

The 2014 final report is expected to be released this fall and follows the release of the April 2014 interim report, which you can read here:


Seventeen different stakeholders, including various legal associations, consumer groups, and insurance groups have been asked to provide feedback. I expect that I will have input on the submissions of one or more groups, so I welcome your thoughts. Please share your opinions with me.

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