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Taking Care of Business Means Taking Care of People

The 17th annual Business Cares Food Drive, an important Christmas-time campaign supporting the London Food Bank, is set to launch in London December 1. Lerners LLP will once again be taking part in this year’s campaign, collecting food and cash donations to support the immediate need that still exists in our community. “It’s incredibly important for […]...Read More


With the holiday season upon us and so many challenges facing the world, it’s never been more important for us to come together to make a difference in our communities. At Lerners LLP, we believe that when someone is hurting, you help them. It’s that simple. We are committed to not only support others with […]...Read More

Meet Dora

Alfonso, do what you love and you will be happy. That’s why you’re successful at what you do and your success helps all of those who need you like I did with my case. Thank you with all my heart. – Dora C....Read More

Understanding The Trauma

CONA Forest City Regional Chapter’s 30th Annual Break-Down On Bones Conference On October 20, 2016, Lerners LLP were among the many participants who attended the 30th Annual CONA “Break-Down On Bones Conference” hosted by The Canadian Orthopaedic Nurses Association (CONA) Forest City Regional Chapter. The all-day event featured involvement from Orthopaedic professionals who care for […]...Read More

Car Accident Case Testimonial- Meet Peter

There’s nothing more trying than getting an emergency call at night in the middle of supper. Pete’s father-in-law was driving along a road in the winter, when a tractor trailer collided into the side of his vehicle. They turned to Bill Simpson, a Lerners Personal Injury lawyer for help. An accident like this doesn’t just […]...Read More

Lerners Personal Injury Testimonials – Car Accident Injury

“After a successful career as a civil servant, I completed law school and started a second career that allowed me to apply my legal skills. Unfortunately, I suffered serious orthopaedic injuries in a car accident. Due to my injuries, I was unable to continue with my new career. I retained Lerners to act for me […]...Read More

Lerners Personal Injury Testimonials – Concussion Injury

“I was sitting in a booth at a lounge in Toronto and was seriously injured when a large and heavy mirror fell off the wall and struck my head. I suffered a head injury and physical injuries. I had suffered a concussion in the past, and this made the effects of the head injury I […]...Read More

Lerners Personal Injury Testimonials – Head Injury/Slip and Fall

“I am writing this letter to recommend Lerners. In addition to their superb professionalism and expertise, they bring personal warmth to a client meeting that is exceptional. They take the time to explain matters fully, to answer questions, and to outline realistic expectations. The feeling that one counts as a person is also established in […]...Read More

Lerners Personal Injury Testimonials – Spinal Cord Injury

“I became an incomplete quadriplegic, as a result of a diving accident I suffered back in 1999. I really never thought I had a chance of recovering any type of compensation. One of my friends suggested that I talk to a lawyer and seek advice about my options anyway. After speaking with Lerners, I decided […]...Read More

Lerners Personal Injury Testimonials – Severe Leg Injuries

“I suffered very serious broken legs and ankles as a result of a head on collision on September 19, 2000. My family and I were very worried about what the future might hold and we wanted to make sure I received fair compensation for my injuries. I knew the injuries would prevent me from working […]...Read More

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