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Steven Polak

When you take away a person’s ability to live their normal life, they can feel robbed of their self-esteem, confidence and sense of identity. Understanding that, and all of the effects a personal injury can have, is an important part of representing an injured person.

Steven Polak is a personal injury lawyer with experience you can trust,
serving Ajax, Pickering, Durham, Whitby, Oshawa, Courtice, and Bowmanville.

Have you suffered a Personal Injury?

If you or a family member have suffered a personal injury, finding the right personal injury lawyer is essential to getting your life back on track. We know the legal process can be intimidating, that’s why our team helps you every step on the way.

Practice Areas

Practice Areas

Car Accident Injuries

Bicycle Accidents

Pedestrian Accidents

Motorcycle Accidents

Slip and Fall

Disability Insurance

Dog Bites

Sexual Abuse and Assault

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About Us

About Us

We dedicate our practice to assisting those who’ve been wrongfully injured and those unfairly denied disability benefits. We handle injury and disability lawyers for victims of car and other motor vehicle accidents, accident benefits cases, disability benefits cases, traumatic brain injury, spinal cord injury, harmful product, wrongful death, sexual abuse and other personal injury cases.

Our unique heritage in personal injury law gives us the experience and perspective needed to successfully try cases of all kinds, for all kinds of people, and happening in all kinds of places across Ontario, including Toronto, Ajax, Whitby, Mississauga, Scarborough, Oshawa, Newmarket, Thornhill, Markham, Brantford and well beyond.  We have represented injury victims and insurance clients in the Court of Appeal (Ontario’s highest court), and bring a record of winning hundreds of millions of dollars for our clients to the table.

More importantly, we listen to you, and always put your best interests first. We know that every client’s situation is different and so we make a point not to impose our views on them. If you hire a Lerners Lawyer, you will never hear “you have to accept this settlement” or “you cannot accept this sum”.  We believe YOU should be the primary decision-maker in your own case–but we’re here to help every step of the way. We have formed close relationships and friendships with many past clients and nothing gives us greater satisfaction than getting a call from a new client who came recommended by a former client with a great experience.

We believe in justice and fairness and will do all we can to obtain that for our clients.

That’s why You Need a Lerners Lawyer.


Testimonials from Clients…and Judges.

“Thanks a lot for your excellent work on my case.” [G.G. Toronto, Ontario]

“I am very happy to say that this [the outcome to the case] has helped her enormously; not just the financial weight gone off her shoulders, but the fact that you were able to change her thoughts in knowing that what happened to her was NOT right, and not her fault. She realizes now that her life does not need to be on hold for anyone, and she has a re-gained sense of self respect and will power.  Since the pre-trial, she has now achieved both of her goals in what she wanted to do…I guess on behalf of my entire family, we would just like to say thanks for showing her that she does not need to sit back and take direction form her accident, everyone always knew she was more than that, and now she sees it too.  She has also seriously decreased her meds, and is doing just fine with it.” [BH Southern Ontario]

“Thank you very much for working on my case.  I definitely will recommend you to whom ever needs this kind of assistance.  You are an amazing committed lawyer and a very easy person to talk to.  Once again thank you and your team for all your hard work.”  [MD, Toronto, Ontario]

“You really did a great job on the case.  The other Injury Lawyers that I spoke with in Toronto and Oshawa wouldn’t even talk to me.  I am glad that I called..” [RP, Oshawa, Ontario]

“I want to express my thanks for everything that you have done for me.” [AF, Whitby, Ontario]

What have Ontario’s Judges said about Lerners Lawyer Steven Polak in their decisions?

“Clearly Mr. Polak is ahead of the game and has been throughout this litigation in relation to the efforts made to service his client”. [Oshawa Court Judge]

“The solicitor [Steven Polak] has dealt with this file in an exemplary fashion and his position….does credit to himself and the profession” [Toronto Court Judge]

“The plaintiff [Counsel – Steven Polak] has been diligent and transparent” [Newmarket Court Judge]

“The plaintiff [Counsel – Steven Polak] continued to be co-operative, accommodating and entirely reasonable.  The actions of the plaintiff throughout have been exceptionally diligent”[Oshawa Court Judge]

“Mr. Polak argued with great force and ingenuity” [Milton Court Judge]

“It was clear to me that Mr. Polak was entirely prepared for trial.  He was accommodating in the extreme and had suggestions that would have cured any delay.  I note that if anything he was overly fair, evidencing a clear desire to get this matter on.” [Oshawa Court Judge]

“I am indebted to both counsel for the excellent materials and thorough arguments”. [Milton Court Judge]


Fair Fee Injury Lawyers

Fair Fee Pledge

Potential clients frequently ask what the “usual” percentage legal fee is for personal injury cases and lawsuits involving slip and falls, long term disability denials or car accidents in Whitby, Oshawa and Ajax Ontario.  There is no “set” legal fee or “usual” legal fee – it’s all subject to agreement.

Our personal injury practice charges a non-contingency fee based on four factors: (1) the time spent on your case, (2) the complexity of the matters at hand, (3) the responsibility assumed by the lawyer, and (4) the monetary value of the matters in question. Our fee is typically based on the sums for damages awarded in a judgement, or negotiated resolution/settlement.

We’re happy to discuss all of this in relation to your specific case. We strive to reach fair fee agreements that work best for you.

There are a number of other considerations we recommend you consider when reviewing a retainer-based agreement.  One is whether the law firm is going to charge you any percentage of ongoing accident benefits being received by you from the insurer (income replacement or attendant care etc).  We do not charge for those amounts.  We will still assist with the forms and benefit applications as a client service.  If there is a dispute/lawsuit, then we will assist you on a similar percentage based model.

Lerners LLP was established in 1929, has over 100 lawyers, the needed capital to invest in our cases, and a long and solid reputation.  Lerners is also Canada’s personal injury law group. We offer in-home and hospital consultations across the Province. The amount of the fee is usually agreed upon at the start of a case, in the retainer agreement with your lawyer.

Consultations are always free, we fund all up-front costs, and YOU DO NOT PAY UNTIL YOU WIN.

Our Difference

Our Difference

Our philosophy is that we practice law to help people. We are not here to make big claims or attempt “get over” on anybody. What ignites our inner fire is the idea that what we are doing is right, necessary, and often helps to right wrongs.

Our goal is justice and fairness and we will do all that is in our legal power to achieve that for you. We have worked hard to build a reputation for these things over the years, and believe others in the legal and insurance industries who know the difference would tell you the same, if asked.

Who you choose as a lawyer says something to the insurance company and to the lawyer on the other side.

Our process relies on thoroughly investigating and reviewing each area of your case, work with you to understand the challenges and the circumstances, and taking decisive action on your behalf. We are willing and capable of investing time and resources in your case and pushing it as far as it needs to go.

Feel free to call us for more information.  We work hard at what we do and we would be pleased to speak with you to see if we are the right lawyers for you (Personal Injury Lawyer Ontario).

“Being an injury and disability lawyer is an emotional job because of all the heartache and tragedy that you see.  You often see people who are on the verge of collapse and they turn to you as their last hope.  Helping those people achieve the financial security to mitigate their losses is an incredibly rewarding part of my job.” – Steven Polak, Lerners Lawyer

Don't hesitate to contact me, all my consultations are completely free. I'm here to listen and to give you the best advice I can. Remember, you don't pay unless we win.
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