Best Scenic Snowmobile Trail Tours Around London Ontario

The Best Scenic Snowmobile Trail Tours Around London, Ontario

Snowmobiling has become one of Canada’s more popular winter sports, reaching a sophistication where riding the snowmobile trails has become a form of tourism, allowing you to take the scenic route around the local area, and going from town to town using the network of cleared trails .

Around London, Ontario, there are three main touring “loops” established by the Ontario Federation of Snowmobile Clubs (OFSC), each providing a scenic tour around the London area.

The first is the 5 Alive Tour, a 420 kilometre trip around the entire area covered by OFSC’s District 5.  Lodgings during the tour can be found in Stratford, Tillsonburg, and Ilderton, with staging available in Stratford, Tillsonburg, Ilderton, and Hickory Corner, and fuel available in Stratford, Shakespeare, Drumbo, Burford, Springford, Norwich, Tillsonburg, Thamesford, Ilderton, Hickory Corner, Centre Road, Parkhill, and Exeter.

The second is the Sun and Wind Tour, a 159 kilometre trip around the Strathroy, Warwick, Pineridge, and Science Hill club trails.  This tour has a number of wide-open spaces, as well as a stop at the King Edward Restaurant and Pub in Ilderton.  Lodgings are available at the Strathroy Motor Inn, Centre Road.  Staging is available at Ilderton, Hickory Corner, and Thedford.  Fuel is available at Ilderton, Hickory Corner, Watford, Warwick, and Thedford.

The third is the TNT Tour, which runs 149 kilometres through dairy country using the trails of the Westwood Hills, Southern Sno Riders and Thamesford clubs.  The trails also run through the Amish countryside, and a scenic landscape with plenty of variety.  Lodgings and staging are available at the Howard Johnson in Tillsonburg, with fuel available in Tillsonburg, Springford, Thamesford, Sweaburg, Woodstock, and Norwich.

If you do decide to take these tours, remember to get your trail permit from the Ontario Federation of Snowmobile Clubs , and to check the OFSC website to ensure that the trails are open and safe to use.

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