Treat Brain Injuries in Toronto

Top Brain Injury Hospitals in Toronto and Ontario

Acquired Brain Injuries (or ABIs) can be a difficult personal injury to treat, in large part because of the need for long-term clinical care, both as an in- and out-patient. However, in both the Greater Toronto Area and Ontario as a whole, there are a number of treatment centres that specialize in treating brain injuries. The following list does not include all ABI clinics and treatment centres across Toronto and Ontario, but it does highlight some of the better known.

Within the Greater Toronto Area

  • St. Michael’s Head Injury Clinic: Founded in 1987 and located at the University of Toronto-affiliated St. Michael’s Hospital, this clinic specializes in the treatment (and research) of traumatic brain injuries, both in acute care and recovery management right up to reintegration into the community.  Intake is via referrals from emergency rooms, trauma clinics, family doctors, and the Toronto Acquired Brain Injury Network.
  • Toronto Western Hospital Acquired Brain Injury Clinic: This clinic takes an integrated approach, working in tandem with the patient’s support and caregiver team to provide clinical management for up to 6 months, including support and psychiatric care for the family.  It also provides ongoing care for patients living in brain injury group homes.
  • Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre Traumatic Brain Injury Clinic: Although it specializes in treating mild to moderately severe brain injuries, it has also conducted groundbreaking research on the impact of brain injuries when it comes to mood disorders and cognition.  It also houses one of the largest clinical brain injury databases in Canada.
  • St. John’s Rehab Hospital, Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre: One of Toronto’s largest rehabilitation clinics, the St. John’s Rehab Hospital handles mild to moderate brain injuries.  It also uses a team-based approach to tailor each patient’s rehabilitation program to their needs, eventually providing referrals to local community services or the St. John’s Outpatient service.
  • Mackenzie Health, Centre for Behaviour Health Sciences for Adults: Located in Richmond Hill, just north of Toronto, Mackenzie Health provides care for patients with brain injuries in York and Simcoe Regions, helping them live and adjust to the effects of their injuries through both individual and group support.  Patients can be referred through their doctors, but can also self-refer by calling the Centre.
  • Neurologic Rehabilitation Institute of Ontario: Although it is not a hospital, this Etobicoke-based clinic is an accredited private rehabilitation facility that specializes in helping patients with moderate to severe brain injuries increase their level of independence.  As it is a private facility, access to services are limited to those who can pay out-of-pocket or who are receiving assistance from WSIB, insurance fund compensation, and extended health care plans.

Top hospitals in Ontario

  • St. Joseph’s Health Care, London: Serving the London and Middlesex area, this is a comprehensive program for those who have suffered from brain injuries and require rehabilitation.  The in-patient program is complemented by an extended out-patient program, community outreach, and even an assessment program to determine whether a patient can safely drive.
  • The Ottawa Hospital: Serving areas such as Renfrew, Lanark, and Ottawa-Carleton, this rehabilitation centre focuses on providing complete care for brain injury patients, from the initial acute care to community re-integration.  Referrals are accepted from doctors, family members, insurance providers, and community services – the Ottawa Hospital also accepts self-referrals.
  • Hamilton Health Sciences: Based out of the Regional Rehabilitation Centre in Hamilton, Ontario, the Acquired Brain Injury Program provides both in- and out-patient services to help their patients regain their independence through tailored rehabilitation programs.  All patients referred to the program require some third-party funding, such as WSIB, community funding, or insurance coverage.


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