Top 3 Situations When You Need a Personal Injury Lawyer

Long recoveries are hard, especially when they’re from an unexpected injury.  While OHIP and other benefits will handle a large portion of your medical expenses, there are a number of other costs they don’t cover.  Between bills piling up, being unable to work, and dealing with bureaucracy and insurance companies, it is easy to feel overwhelmed.

This is where a personal injury lawyer comes in – a good lawyer can help sort your case out so that you can relax and concentrate on recovering.  Sometimes it can be difficult to know just when you should take the leap and find legal representation.  Here are three situations where you need to contact a lawyer:

  1. Compensation assessment, or figuring out what you’re owed.  A personal injury lawyer can look at your case and assess how much compensation you are due, as well as guide you through the process of negotiating your claim to get the result that you need.
  2. Your insurance company has denied your claim.   This can be a frightening, worst-case scenario, leaving you feeling abandoned and alone.  By seeking representation, you can ensure that your interests are protected, and that the insurance company will handle your claim appropriately.
  3. Negotiating with large corporations or organizations.  Particularly if you’ve been injured due to negligence at the workplace, getting the compensation you need can involve navigating a confusing maze of rules, regulations, and red tape.  A personal injury lawyer can guide you through the process, ensuring that you understand your rights, and that those rights are protected.

For best results, you should seek legal representation as soon as you are injured.  But even if you haven’t, and you’re now facing mounting expenses and an insurance company unwilling to honour your claim, there is hope – a personal injury lawyer ready to help you out is only ever one phone call away.
Author Robert B. Marks is a writer, editor, and researcher in Kingston, Ontario, who spent several years working as a writer and editor for the Queen’s University Faculty of Law.

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