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Exceeded My Expectations Beyond What I Could Ever Imagine

“In June 2016, I was in a life-changing accident. A few days after the accident, my family and I decided to consult with a legal team to decide if we should take legal action.  We made the easy decision of calling Lerners LLP. I consulted with Nigel Gilby and Karen Simpson. They were extremely helpful, educating us […]...Read More

Her Background as a Firefighter and Understanding of the Trauma First Responders Endure Was Beneficial to My Case

Honestly, I don’t know what I would have done without Karen and her team the last few years! Firstly, I want to thank Karen for being very caring, easy to talk to, and understanding of my family’s needs. Specifically, her background as a firefighter and understanding of the trauma First Responders endure was beneficial to […]...Read More

Psychological Injuries Are As Serious As Physical

Accident injuries can take a large toll on individuals and their families. And in many cases, that toll is as much mental as it is physical. What you should know is that both injuries are serious, and both deserve fair compensation. One of the most common myths I hear from clients is that they can […]...Read More

Thanks to Karen, I had a weight lifted off my shoulders

After I was in an accident, I was very unsure of what my options and next steps were. Working with Karen and her team made the process much less stressful for me. She discussed all my options with me, and always made sure I understood every form and document. Someone was always available to answer […]...Read More

Running Out of Time – Understanding Changes to the Law in Case You Slip and Fall

The winter season is here and walking seems to be the most popular pandemic activity again with the provincial lockdown underway.  It is also a common reason for slip and fall accidents, due to the buildup of snow or ice. Before venturing out, take a moment to read about some of the important changes to […]...Read More

Client Testimonial | Marion M

“After my fall in January of 2019, my life changed quite drastically. I have never been involved with a lawyer before and I had no idea of who to contact. I am elderly and live in a very remote area in northern Ontario, but have relatives in southwestern Ontario, who provided me with Karen’s name. […]...Read More

Client Testimonial | Terrance C.

To whom it may concern, I had a recent struggle with formidable health issues which forced me to quit my job and focus on survival. In the midst of recovering from a series of life saving surgeries, my insurance company arbitrarily determined that I was fit to return to work and terminated my Long Term […]...Read More

The Pride is Right: Coming together virtually to celebrate and support the LGBTQ2S+ Community

In this era of COVID-19, with all of the challenges it brings, I still wanted to do my part to contribute to this year’s Pride celebrations in London, Ontario. I wanted to bring members of the community together through inclusive means and support social change (with appropriate physical distancing, of course!). After brainstorming with my colleagues […]...Read More

Client Testimonial | May 2020

I had needed help and I am so grateful to Nigel Gilby and Karen Simpson of Lerners law firm. My challenged cousin had become a targeted victim of predatory door to door salespeople and she was on the verge of losing her home. She is elderly, legally blind, noticeably mentally and physically challenged and she […]...Read More

Optional Accident Benefits Confirmation Form

This week a friend of mine emailed me this document. The document is titled “Optional Accident Benefits Confirmation Form”. It was sent to my friend by her insurance company. She told me that she did not understand half of what it meant. I reminded her that accident benefits are part of Ontario’s automobile insurance scheme […]...Read More

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