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Has Your Car Been Recalled?

It is possible that as many as 1 in 4 cars on Ontario roads have an issue serious enough to warrant a manufacturer recall. Some of these issues are little more than annoyances while others are life-threatening. But what is a recall? If your car has been recalled and you didn’t get the word, how […]...Read More

As Toronto Car Accidents Rise, New Driving Laws Come Into Effect

Ontario rang in the new year with a set of new traffic laws, designed to improve pedestrian safety across the province, and particularly in cities such as Toronto. Titled “The Transport Statute Law Amendment Act,” or “The Making Ontario’s Roads Safer Act,” Bill 31 received royal assent on June 2, 2015, and came into effect […]...Read More

The Steps to Supporting a Personal Injury Case

After a serious personal injury, you may find yourself as a Plaintiff in a lawsuit to obtain the compensation you need. Much of this is handled by your personal injury lawyer, who must gather the evidence to support your case, file your claim, and then present it in court. But how does your lawyer do […]...Read More

Top Brain Injury Hospitals in Toronto and Ontario

Acquired Brain Injuries (or ABIs) can be a difficult personal injury to treat, in large part because of the need for long-term clinical care, both as an in- and out-patient. However, in both the Greater Toronto Area and Ontario as a whole, there are a number of treatment centres that specialize in treating brain injuries. […]...Read More

The Courtroom and the Role of Personal Injury Lawyers

In most cases of a personal injury claim, the case does not make it to the courtroom – a settlement is reached before trial. Sometimes a settlement cannot be reached, and your personal injury case may have to reach the courtroom. The thought of a court case can be daunting for some people. To avoid […]...Read More

The Effect of the Changes of SABS on Attendant Care

The June 1st, 2016, revisions to the Statutory Accident Benefits Schedule will change how attendant care is covered by auto insurance. For the non-catastrophically injured, most will see these changes effectively eliminate the attendant care benefit. The biggest change is financial – whereas prior to the revisions attendant care was paid from a separate fund […]...Read More

How to Renew Your Auto Insurance Policy in Ontario

By law, every driver in Ontario is required to carry insurance, with severe penalties – such as a minimum fine of $5,000 – for driving without it. But, how do you ensure that your insurance is current, and that it didn’t expire without you noticing? Making sure you renew your auto insurance policy In most […]...Read More

The Effect of the Changes of SABS on Independent Therapy Clinics

The June 1st, 2016, revisions to the Statutory Accident Benefits Schedule will change how rehabilitation therapy is covered. But how will it affect rehabilitation clinics on a business level, and what will clinics have to do to adjust? Many of the basics of how rehabilitation clinics work will not change – the clinic will still […]...Read More

Understanding the June 1st Changes to the Statutory Accident Benefits Schedule

As of June 1st, 2016, auto insurance in Ontario is going to undergo a change, with major revisions to no-fault benefits (statutory accident benefits). Announced on August 31, 2015, the new Statutory Benefits Schedule will be implemented for each driver upon the renewal of their policy after June 1st. But what does this mean to […]...Read More

Law Firms vs. Referral Services

After you’ve suffered a personal injury and you need to seek compensation, approaching a lawyer can feel intimidating. How will you know if you have the right one for your case, or if they’ll represent you after you provide them with the particulars of your situation? Where do you even start looking for legal representation? […]...Read More

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