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So You’ve Been Injured in a Car Accident – Who Covers What?

If you are a resident of Ontario and you’ve suffered a personal injury in a car accident, most – if not all – of your medical expenses are covered. However, they are not all covered by the same sources – instead, there is a number of services, from public to private insurance, providing your health […]...Read More

The Best Scenic Snowmobile Trail Tours Around London, Ontario

Snowmobiling has become one of Canada’s more popular winter sports, reaching a sophistication where riding the snowmobile trails has become a form of tourism, allowing you to take the scenic route around the local area, and going from town to town using the network of cleared trails . Around London, Ontario, there are three main touring […]...Read More

So You Want to Drive Overseas?

Travel overseas is very exciting, with no shortage of amazing places to visit and see.  However, even though your travel plans might depend on renting a car upon arrival, the reality of overseas driving is more complicated. Your Canadian driver’s license is usually not valid overseas.  In most countries, you need an International Driving Permit […]...Read More

The License Appeal Tribunal and the Future of Car Insurance Disputes

One of the safeguards in place for those who have suffered personal injuries in car accidents and who have been wrongly denied a benefit is the ability to file a claim in the Ontario courts against their insurance company. It is an important right to have – although there are other methods of disputing an […]...Read More

Ontario’s New Road Safety Measure, and What it Means to Your Insurance Rates

If you put winter tires on your car this winter, your insurance company owes you a discount. The announcement was made by the Ontario government on October 14, 2015. As of January 1, 2016, all insurance companies operating in Ontario are required to provide a discount to their policyholders using winter tires. The size of […]...Read More

Ontario’s Insurance Payer of Last Resort

Most discussions about personal injuries in auto accidents tend to assume that all of the involved drivers are insured, and their identities are known.  But what if somebody is driving without insurance, leaving no insurance company to provide compensation?  Or, even worse, what if you are a pedestrian injured in a hit-and-run, or struck by […]...Read More

Truck Accidents – Know Your Rights and Responsibilities

While the insurance and legal landscape can be complicated when it comes to car accidents, it is complicated even more so when a transport truck is involved.  When you find yourself in an accident and you are driving with cargo, the insurance and legal situation involves additional third parties, extra maintenance and safety requirements, and […]...Read More

Motorcycle Laws – Know Your Rights and Responsibilities

Motorcycles are symbols of freedom and, for some, rebellion. They are also some of the smallest vehicles on the road, offering little protection in case of an accident or collision. When it comes to the rights and responsibilities of a motorcyclist in Canada, most of the additional rules are based on keeping the rider and […]...Read More

10 Things Some Lawyers Won’t Tell You About Auto Accidents

1. If you file a claim against another driver due to their negligence causing your accident, you’re effectively suing the other driver’s insurance company. One of the terms of any auto insurance contract is that the insurance company handles the defence and pay-out of any lawsuit against the driver after an accident up to the […]...Read More

What You Need to Know and Do if You are in a Construction Accident

Construction sites can be some of the most hazardous workplaces today. Particularly in multi-floor buildings, there is a danger of suffering a personal injury after being struck by a falling object, falling from a height or a scaffold, or over-exerting yourself to the point of causing an injury or exhaustion. If you do suffer a […]...Read More

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