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Auto Accidents – Know Your Rights and Responsibilities

An auto accident can happen in a heartbeat, causing thousands of dollars in damages and even severe personal injuries. If you have been in a collision, it is important to know your rights and responsibilities. Your responsibilities after an auto collision are very important, impacting not only the safety of those involved in the accident […]...Read More

Back Injured in a Car Accident? – Know Your Rights

Back injuries can be one of the more devastating personal injuries from a car accident. They can cause permanent damage, as well as potential paralysis and a number of long-term effects. The costs of medication and therapy, particularly in cases of temporary or permanent paralysis, can be crippling in a recovery that can take months […]...Read More

Vehicle Laws 101 – Know Your Rights and Responsibilities

As the owner or driver of a vehicle on Ontario’s roads, you have a number of rights and responsibilities, most of which are governed by Ontario’s Highway Traffic Act. These can be divided into three broad categories: driving a vehicle, buying a vehicle, and dealing with tickets. Driving a Vehicle Before you can drive any […]...Read More

Long-Term Disability Basics – Know Your Rights

While cases, where you are disabled for only a few weeks, are covered by short-term disability, if an injury causes debilitation that lasts months – or even years – your coverage shifts to long-term disability. And, there are some rights under the law to protect those on long-term disability. Your rights, however, can depend on […]...Read More

Basic Disability Law – Know Your Rights

Recovering after a debilitating personal injury can be difficult, particularly if it has caused a short-term or long-term disability. This can be made worse by uncertainty – you may wonder if you will still have a job to return to once you recover, or if there will be a place for you at work if […]...Read More

I was Injured at Work – Do I need a Lawyer?

In an ideal world, once you have suffered a personal injury at work the only thing you should need to do is report it to your employer and the WSIB (Workplace Safety and Insurance Board), go through the medical examinations, and receive compensation until you are able to work again.  Unfortunately, the reality is far […]...Read More

The Most Common Work Injuries and How to Avoid Them

Every year, thousands of workers face injuries at work that can be debilitating but are also preventable with sufficient care.  Health and Safety Ontario identifies 4 major hazards that account for most workplace injuries: 1. Musculoskeletal Disorders: Musculoskeletal Disorders (or MSDs) account for a full 43% of workplace injuries.  Rather than involving a workplace accident of […]...Read More

Community Care Access Centres – And Why They May Not Be For You

On the surface, Ontario’s Community Care Access Centres (CCACs) are a good idea, particularly if you have suffered a significant personal injury. Originally founded in 1996, they were designed to decrease the health care load to hospitals by facilitating independent, community living.  However, serious issues have arisen that jeopardize the CCAC’s ability to provide the […]...Read More

The Strange World of Boating Law

After a boating accident causes a personal injury – or a wrongful death – it is easy to assume that the legal landscape would be the same as for any other accident. This assumption, however, would be wrong. As strange as it may seem, injuries and deaths on the water are governed by commercial shipping […]...Read More

Car Insurance – What You Need to Know About Purchasing Enhanced/Additional Coverage

When you buy your car insurance in Ontario, there can be a dizzying array of available options to cover you and your family in case of an auto accident resulting in a personal injury. However, while auto insurance consists of a basic mandatory coverage and a number of enhanced options for an additional premium, many […]...Read More

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