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Snowmobile Safety – Avoiding Injuries

Riding snowmobiles is one of the more popular winter sports, with 660,000 registered snowmobiles across Canada. Unfortunately it is also a dangerous sport, with numerous accidents and personal injuries every winter – an average of 40 people visit emergency rooms each day for snowmobile-related injuries during the season. Most snowmobile accidents result in a personal […]...Read More

Long-Term Disability Claims – What You Need to Know

Some illnesses or injuries can leave you debilitated and unable to work. In a worst-case scenario, recovery can last months, or even years. To help cover you during this time, many insurance companies offer long-term disability benefits, which are often included as part of an employment benefits package. Whether you are eligible to make a […]...Read More

Settlement vs. Litigation: What Should I Do After a Car Accident?

After you’ve suffered a personal injury in a car accident, you may have no other choice than to pursue a civil claim in the Superior Court of Justice.  Perhaps it is because your insurance company refuses to provide coverage, or because the other driver caused you a debilitating injury. Before you begin, you need to […]...Read More

Understanding The Differences of Brain Injuries and Brain Death

For many people, it is their worst nightmare: their loved one has fallen victim to an injury or a stroke, and they are now lying in a coma, suffering from a brain injury.  It can be difficult to tell when they will wake up, or if they will at all. It can help to know […]...Read More

Preventing Elder Neglect and Abuse

It is an unfortunate fact that the elderly are one of the most vulnerable populations in modern society.  Those who are placed in long-term care homes, also known as nursing homes are often at a higher risk of neglect and abuse by the very people charged with caring for them. To make matters worse, seeking […]...Read More

Harsh Winter Warnings – Slip and Falls are Serious Injuries

Only a single heartbeat, and it’s done.  One minute, you’re walking along the sidewalk, and the next you’re on the ground, with a split-second of slipping on ice in between. Every winter in Ontario, thousands of people are admitted to emergency rooms with serious personal injuries from slipping and falling on ice.  In the winter […]...Read More

Personal Injury and Death Claims Due to Dangerous Products

It isn’t hard to think of a recent case involving a dangerous product.   If you or your loved one has suffered a personal injury or been killed due to an unsafe product, there may be legal recourse.  In Canada, product safety is governed by the Canada Consumer Product Safety Act, which requires that the […]...Read More

What You Need to Know about Spinal Injuries

Whether it is in a car accident or a bad fall, spinal injuries can be a nightmare.  From whiplash to paralysis, they can involve weeks of recovery, or, at their worst, cripple you for life. Because the spinal cord contains the communication pathways from the brain to the rest of the body, spinal injuries can […]...Read More

Motorcycle Accidents: What You Need to Know if You’re Hit

As exhilarating as it can be, driving a motorcycle can be dangerous.  While other drivers have the benefit of being surrounded by the steel frame of a car, seatbelts, and air bags, motorcycles leave the rider exposed with little more than a helmet for protection in case of an accident. By 2013, motorcycles accounted for […]...Read More

Worker’s Compensation after an Auto Accident

An auto accident can cause serious injuries that can disable somebody, leaving them unable to work or attend school for weeks, or even months.  In the worst cases, an injured person may never be able to return to work or school.  During recovery, one of the big questions is how to handle lost income.  In […]...Read More

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