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Texting and Driving

The experiment was simple.  17 drivers were recruited, all between 17-24 years of age.  They were put in a driving simulator for two test runs.  In the first, they were to drive normally, without any distractions.  In the second, they were to complete a number of tasks with their cell phones, including reading and writing […]...Read More

What you need to know if you’re hurt by a dog

Dog bites are a serious matter, accounting for 500,000 injuries Canada-wide per year. In 2010, 379 Toronto dog bites were reported.  Some studies suggest that over 60% of dog bites require surgical treatment, and 50% of total injuries are caused by a family pet, with the victims most often children. Animal injuries from dog attacks include: […]...Read More

Top 3 Situations When You Need a Personal Injury Lawyer

Long recoveries are hard, especially when they’re from an unexpected injury.  While OHIP and other benefits will handle a large portion of your medical expenses, there are a number of other costs they don’t cover.  Between bills piling up, being unable to work, and dealing with bureaucracy and insurance companies, it is easy to feel […]...Read More

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