2018 Toronto ABI Network Conference

2018 Toronto ABI Network Conference

We are proud to have been a Gold Sponsor of the 2018 Toronto ABI (Acquired Brain Injury) Network Conference on November 15 and 16, 2018. Over the conference’s two full days, many sessions and speakers enabled the conference’s moto of “connecting, learning, and inspiring” to become a reality. A spectrum of individuals attended the conference, including myriad therapists, doctors, lawyers, and individuals who have experienced a brain injury.

On a cold snowy Friday afternoon, the Grand Ballroom was packed with eager listeners for the keynote address. I listened to Kellylee Evans, a Juno Award-winning Canadian jazz soul singer/songwriter and motivational speaker, and her amazingly warm voice as she provided wise life lessons. Ms. Evans has also suffered a brain injury as a result of being struck by lightning and several car accidents. Her talk was aptly named “Finding Your Super Powers – A Journey to Recovery from Brain Injury”. She considers herself to have super powers. I found her truly inspiring and motivational.

I learned that she has three super powers:

  1. Super Liver
  2. Super Listener
  3. Super Lover.

As a “Super Liver”, she understands that life is short and makes the most out of it. As a “Super Listener”, she shared how she learned to truly listen to her inner voice. Last but not least, as a “Super Lover”, she taught me the importance of self-care and self-love. Ms. Evans also shared what therapies and activities she engaged in to help her recover from her brain injury. Her talk was punctuated with a standing ovation, as the entire audience witnessed a real super woman.

Indeed, the 2018 Toronto ABI Network Conference was no ordinary conference – it was truly a super conference and I look forward to attending again and being inspired.


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