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On Friday, April 12, Bill and I, together with our colleague, Anne Reinhart, held the first #411forthe911 Symposium for the London Professional Firefighters’ Association. Our goal was to educate first responders about the medical and rehabilitation, and financial realities, of becoming seriously injured whether on the job or not!

Based on the questions posed to us, and the feedback we received, I can confidently say that everyone walked away with a new “awareness level” – to use a term of the fire service – and understanding about the need to have comprehensive personal insurance coverage.

Our message was and continues to be important: the fact is that first responders assume more risk than the general public. This fact necessitates a more strategic approach to protecting themselves, their loved ones, and their assets, in the event they are to become seriously injured.

Or, worse yet, they are sued for the injuries they cause somebody else.

While Bill and I typically hit the road to deliver the #411forthe911, partnering with the LPFFA in London gave us the opportunity to have Anne join us. As is often the case with good lawyers, Anne was able to take complex legal issues associated with wills and powers of attorney and make them easy to understand for our guests in attendance. Without these documents in place, it can make our work as personal injury lawyers much more challenging and often ends up costing families significantly more money.

Thank you again to everyone who attended.

For more information, please visit the #411ForThe911 website.

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