Lawyers Leadership Challenge

The United Way helps to fund supports in communities across Canada in a wide range of areas which includes child and youth programs, poverty reduction strategies, mental health supports, and return to employment initiatives.  That is why Lerners is proud to participate in the friendly “Lawyers Leadership Challenge” against a number of other local law firms.  Which firm this year will help to achieve the biggest impact in our community?  Will it be Lerners?  Can Lerners repeat as a recipient of the Spirit Award?

On November 1, the 2018 challenge kicked off at the RCMP headquarters in London, hosted by RCMP Inpector Andrew Cowan.  Lerners was represented at the kickoff event by Joe Masterson, Jacob Damstra, Hilary Leitch, Katharine Creighton, and Andrew Murray.  Over the next two and half weeks, Lerners will try to secure more pledges than the other London firms participating in the challenge.  There can be no losers in this challenge, but there is one big winner – our community – which benefits so greatly from the United Way funded supports and opportunities.

We heard a compelling and very personal tale from one member of our community who has benefitted directly from United Way.  Nate Jamieson, who found himself in the unfortunate situation of being a young man with no education, no training, and no employment, spoke to the group about the journey he took from being an unemployed grade nine drop out from a challenging home environment to being a high school graduate, now employed full time at McCormicks, and a caring father of four.  His message was personal.  His message was powerful.  His message was a tale of redemption, only made possible through the opportunities presented because of the United Way.

Special thanks to two sponsors who came through with attractive raffle prizes – Ace Hill Beer and 3M Canada. Their charitable leadership is something to be emulated by other organizations

For anyone sharing Lerners’ desire to support the United Way, a personal, online, contribution – large or small – can be done online.

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