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“Get Your Motor Running”

Personal Injury Partner Kimberley Munro highlights safety tips for motorcycle riding

As a motorcycle rider and as a personal injury lawyer representing motorcycle crash victims and their families, I am far too familiar with the devastation when a car and a motorcycle collide. With some warmer weather finally making an appearance, its time to review how we can safely share the roadways. Here are some tips:

For Riders

  • Don’t assume other vehicles will obey the rules of the road
  • Don’t assume other vehicles can see you or hear you
  • Ride defensively and pro-actively
  • Wear protective clothing/helmet
  • Use signals
  • Stay out of the blind spots of other vehicles
  • Try to make eye contact with vehicle operators
  • If riding with a passenger, use that second set of eyes to scan and watch traffic
  • Do not ride if you are tired
  • Do not ride after consumption of alcohol or cannabis – you need to be fully alert and able to react to emerging circumstances quickly

For Drivers

  • Look specifically for motorcycles- they are harder to see and you may not hear them
  • Motorcycles will appear smaller and more narrow than a car in your field of vision
  • Scan intersections as you approach for motorcycles
  • Check your blind spots carefully before changing lanes or passing
  • Leave distance behind a motorcycle you are following and extra space if passing
  • Exercise caution when pulling out or entering a highway- you may not be able to accurately assess the speed of an approaching motorcycle
  • Be aware that motorcycles handle differently than cars on wet pavement- especially when rain first starts to fall
  • Watch for a motorcycle making a sudden move to avoid potholes, changes to the roadway surface, or to avoid animals or other debris on the roadway.

With a little extra effort, we can all enjoy the roads this season. Ride safe!!!

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