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Dale Brain Injury Services | Nigel & Rhonda Gilby Centre for New Tomorrows

One of the best things about being the lawyer that I am, apart from meeting clients and helping them along their road of rehabilitation and recovery, is the opportunity and ability to give back to the community.

As a lawyer who makes his income from representing individuals who sustain tragic and life altering injuries, such as acquired brain injuries, I always felt a duty and an obligation to give back to the brain injured community. That is why as a very young lawyer almost 35 years ago, I volunteered to sit on a Board that was looking to do something to help people with acquired brain injuries. From those early Board meetings sprung the idea of Dale Brain Injury Services, which became only the second facility outside of a hospital in the entire province of Ontario that provided treatment and help for people who suffered from an acquired brain injury.

Fast forward 35 years and it was my great privilege and honour to attend, as the President of Dale Brain Injury Services, the grand opening of our new facility on Saskatoon Street in London, Ontario.

This new facility was the culmination of years in planning and an amalgamation of a number of services that we provide into one physical facility.

Over those 35 years, we have gone from a six-bed residential facility to one that now services over 500 clients annually. Not only do we continue to run a residential program, but we have expanded to include day programing outreach and working in satellite communities throughout southwestern Ontario, including Sarnia-Lambton.

As I reflect back on those 35 years and my continued involvement in Dale Brain Injury Services, I realize that as much as I have given to this organization, I have gotten far more back in terms of the satisfaction of seeing how far we have come and how many people we have been able to help.

It was a great privilege and something I will always cherish to have the new Dale Brain Injury Services Centre named the “Nigel and Rhonda Gilby Centre for New Tomorrows.” The name, Centre for New Tomorrows, was chosen by the clients who were served by this centre, and epitomizes the optimism and hope for a better tomorrow that Dale Services provides to the clients we serve.

Again, it continues to be a privilege to represent clients with acquired brain injuries from all over Ontario, and to support various organizations and activities in support of people with acquired brain injuries as another way to give back to the community that supports me.

The new center for Dale Brain Injury Services is located at 345 Saskatoon Street, London, Ontario. We provide rehabilitation services, including group services, day programs, social and leisure activities, art, music, fitness / exercise programs, healthy lunch, and therapeutic group skill building sessions. We also provide a stroke program which is called, Life After Stroke (Day Program), which is one-on-one support, including emotional support, counselling and caregiver support groups.

Here is the link to our website which will provide you with more information and the contact numbers for services.


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