Advocating for the Injured: It Starts with your Health

As a personal injury lawyer, I take pride in advocating for my clients. In every case, my client has been injured and comes to me for guidance through the complicated legal hoops that they will face during their recovery.

In most cases, my clients initially believe that my role in their recovery will be limited to representing them in a “law suit”. In other words, that I will deal with the defendant’s lawyer, draft documentation, and attend in court on their behalf. While those assumptions are correct, a personal injury lawyer also advocates in many other important ways that not only protect the client’s legal rights, but assist them to reach the best possible recovery from their injuries.

Often, when I first meet my clients, they tell me that they are feeling overwhelmed by their injuries and the “system” they are being asked to navigate. Sometimes, they feel as though they do not know what treatment they require to get better, let alone how to obtain it. They feel as though nobody is available to guide them, even though they desperately want and need the help.

Assisting my clients with obtaining the necessary medical treatment and support is my often my immediate focus and a first step as their advocate. I know that my client’s priority is on healing and I do everything in my power to help them do so.

For example, my team and I have quick access to rehabilitation workers who can provide physiotherapy and other medical treatment. By retaining an occupational therapist, we can assist our clients with a return to work or to adapt their work environment to accommodate their injuries. In some cases, our clients suffer from psychological injuries. We are able to refer those clients to social workers or psychologists.

I strive to be the best advocate possible for my clients. Although, it is often the case that my clients who achieve the best recoveries are those who are able to also advocate for themselves. For instance, it is crucial that an injured person attend with a physician as soon as possible after their injury occurs. With that said, an important step for a self-advocating injured person is to contact a personal injury lawyer as soon as possible to ensure that their recovery starts quickly and correctly

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