South Huron Hospital Foundation Gala

South Huron Hospital Foundation Gala

On June 7th, Lerners LLP was proud to attend the South Huron Hospital Foundation Gala, which took place at the Exeter Community Centre. Nigel Gilby, Maia Bent, Karen Simpson, Greg Willson and myself, along with our guests, and more than 750 other people, attended the gala, which raises money to support health care initiatives in the South Huron community. Every seat was occupied and there was a fantastic energy and enthusiasm in the crowd.

Lerners has a proud tradition of representing clients from across Ontario. We have many current and former clients in Huron County and attending the Gala is part of our firm’s core belief that it is important to give back and support the very communities that have supported us over the years. We take a particular sense of pride in understanding what life in rural Ontario is actually like and how our clients who live in small-town Ontario have needs that are different from our clients who live in big-city Ontario.

June 7th was an especially nice weather day. Farmers were scrambling to plant their fields after an especially wet and cold Spring. Motorcyclists were out for a ride on a nice day. Young adults were riding ATVs after school and there were lots of convertibles driving with their roofs down on the country roads. We have a lot of experience at Lerners with cases involving all of these forms of motor vehicles and it was good to see each of them being operated safely on our trip up and back from the Gala.

The South Huron Hospital uses a slogan that I really admire – “The Little Hospital That Does”. Based on what I saw on June 7th, it will continue to be the little hospital that does great things for many years to come.

South Huron Hospital Foundation Gala South Huron Hospital Foundation Gala

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