MLA Mentoring Dinner - Jacob Aitcheson

The Middlesex Law Association’s Eleventh Annual Mentoring Dinner

Mentoring is a brain to pick, an ear to listen, and a push in the right direction. – John C.

The Middlesex Law Association (MLA) hosted its Eleventh Annual Mentoring Dinner on March 22, 2018. I had the privilege of chairing this year’s dinner, the theme of which was: “What You Didn’t Learn In Law School About Being An Effective Advocate!”

This unique event provided junior counsel with an opportunity to dine and discuss practice related topics with several top tier lawyers in the community, including Lerners’ very own Maia L. Bent and Carolyn J. Lloyd. As in the past, this year’s event was filled with great discussion, useful tips, several stories (some embarrassing), and many, many laughs. Following dinner, attendees were treated to a keynote address by Regional Senior Justice Thomas. He delivered enlightening remarks about the foundational principles of effective advocacy and left everyone with a simple, but important, message: if you want to be an advocate, take every opportunity you can to advocate! No excuses.

Overall, the event was a tremendous success. Everyone departed in good spirits, with full bellies, and with tips, ideas and strategies as to how to become a better advocate.

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