A Hair Affair for Parkinson's

When It is Okay to Cheat…

…on your hair stylist. Many of us (including myself) have a very close relationship with the stylist who makes our hair fall in the perfect way. And the thought of cheating on our stylist would never cross our minds. However, there is one time, just one, when it is okay to cheat on your hair stylist. A Hair Affair for Parkinson’s is taking place on Sunday, April 29 in London, Cambridge, Kitchener and Waterloo. For only $40, participants receive a new style and a gift from sponsor hello_beautiful.

Lerners has been a proud sponsor of A Hair Affair for the past four years. All of the proceeds raised go directly to the Parkinson Society Southwestern Ontario, as the stylists donate their time to the fundraiser. Funds raised go to support Parkinson’s research, support services for those with Parkinson’s and their care givers, as well as advocacy and education efforts. Not only is Lerners a regional sponsor of A Hair Affair, we raise money through a casual day at the office to send women who utilize My Sister’s Place in London for an opportunity to be pampered at one of the participating salons.

To support the Parkinson Society Southwestern Ontario, and pamper yourself with an appointment at A Hair Affair, visit ahairaffair.ca

P.S. if you feel really guilty about cheating on your hair stylist, you can just get a blow out!

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