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Winter is Here – 3 Important Tips to Avoid Injury & Accidents this Winter

Here are three important tips to avoid injury and be prepared for winter:

  1. Wear winter footwear. Yes, they may be big, heavy, clunky, and suitable for fashion on Mars; however, they offer what other shoes do not – warmth and friction. Snow and ice on the ground causes the sidewalks, driveways, and passageways to become wet, icy, and slippery. Winter footwear minimizes against slips and falls on ice and snow because of the increased friction between the footwear and the icy or slippery ground. Unless you ride a reindeer to work or school, you should consider investing in a pair of quality winter footwear to safeguard against unnecessary slips and falls.
  2. Drive with winter tires. Winter tires are made from softer rubber to allow the tires to better conform to the road’s surface in colder temperatures. In addition, the tire’s unique tread pattern creates enhanced traction. Ontario even mandated that all insurance companies should offer discounts to those who buy and install winter tires. Have you received a discount from your insurance company? After Quebec made winter tires compulsory, the amount of accidents on its roads plummeted. It’s a no brainer when it comes to avoiding car accidents in winter to install four winter tires. The last thing you want while driving on icy or snow-blanketed roads is for your car to slip and slide towards a ditch or oncoming traffic (with your family inside).
  3. Spread abundant salt and sand. Many home owners and small business owners do not realize the added responsibility that winter brings. While they understand that winter weather requires more indoor mats and mops for the melting snow that’s carried on winter footwear, they should also realize they have an extra responsibility to ensure the outside of their premises, homes, and businesses is reasonably cleared of snow and ice. Especially if a big winter storm is predicted, take extra precaution in advance. Further, for business owners, not only is it important to have an adequate winter maintenance system, but that system must be followed consistently.

Applying the above three important tips will unfortunately not prevent winter from coming (winter is here), but it will certainly decrease the risk of injury and accidents.

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