Nancy McAuley's Clients

Which Lawyer’s Name Do You Hate to See When an Insurance Claim Lands on Your Desk?

Without getting into my family’s details, let’s say I have met more than my share of lawyers and their teams behind-the-scenes for 10+ years: in meetings, before judges, at case conferences, examinations, mediation, zoom meetings and through emails and telephone calls – more interactions then anyone should have in their lifetime frankly! So (regrettably) I […]...Read More

Trust and Believe That Nancy and Her Team Will Work Hard to Help You

Nancy McAuley and her team’s reputation is known by people who work with lawyers all the time in London and the surrounding communities. I attended countless examinations, evaluations and rehabilitation sessions, and at some point, I would say: Nancy McAuley is my lawyer. Without fail, every single time and without hesitation, the experts I met would […]...Read More

Traumatic Brain Injury Testimonial- Meet Jessica

This video is a testament to life after brain injury. I met Jason when Jessica was in the Critical Care Trauma Unit. They had only been married a few months and were just starting their new life together when Jessica was run down in a crosswalk on her way to the community garden. Jessica and […]...Read More

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