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Personal Injury Testimonial

Dear Nigel, Thank you very much for all your hard work. Your devotion to our case is very much appreciated, We would highly recommend Lerners, more importantly you. Thank you. Dennis & Diane...Read More

Client Testimonial – Nigel Gilby

Dear Nigel, Thank you for your work ensuring that my case had the documentation needed to be successful. Your team members are very adept at their jobs and always took the time to alleviate any concern we might have had. We hope you have many travels and that your road trips will always be peaceful. […]...Read More

Client Testimonial – Dennis & Diane

My wife & I have recently concluded a lawsuit against an insurance company following a motor vehicle accident. My wife sustained life-altering injuries, with multiple follow-up visits to the hospital for surgeries & care. Physiotherapy for her injuries would continue for life, as well as medication for constant pain & related complications from her surgeries. […]...Read More

Meet Helen

Nigel Gilby and his team were a great support after my accident, explaining in detail my options regarding rehabilitation and the legal implications. Special thanks to the law clerks on the team, going out of their way answering my questions and keeping me on top of the process. You were invaluable to me during this […]...Read More

Meet Suzanne B.

I am happy I chose Lerners! Nigel Gilby and the team were at my side for 3 years and 11 months. Things were thoroughly explained to me in my language including legal terms and I was kept informed all the way. Dayna Wolfe and Brittany Weston the law clerks, replied to my every question and […]...Read More

Car Accident Testimonial- Meet Jeff

One night on his way home from a baseball game Jeff and his sister were in a horrific car accident. In just a short instant Jeff and his family’s lives were changed immeasurably. With the help of Nigel and his team Jeff’s family was able to focus on making sure Jeff recovered, while at the […]...Read More

Car Accident Case Testimonial- Meet Raeven

Raeven, an emergency department nurse, was on her way to work one evening when everything in life changed in an instant. She was hit head on by a car that turned in front of her. Between bone fractures and blood vessel damage, Raeven was moved constantly in and out of surgeries and wasn’t capable of […]...Read More

Car Accident Testimonial- Meet Dan

Dan was injured when he was thrown through the back window of a minivan that lost control on a gravel road and crashed into a ditch. Dan struggled to deal with his insurance company until he finally retained Lerners LLP and Personal Injury Lawyer, Nigel Gilby. Nigel and his team helped Dan through what he describes as “tough-times” and guided him to […]...Read More

Car Accident Testimonial- Meet Dave

Dave was riding in the back of a 53ft stretch limousine making his way into London, Ontario for dinner, when he was rear-ended by a cab. Dave retained a law firm, but ended up being very dissatisfied with the progress. He felt like he was the one fighting with the insurance companies instead of those […]...Read More

Traumatic Brain Injury Testimonial- Meet Teresa

Teresa, a young mother to a three and half year old came to Nigel Gilby, a Lerners Personal Injury Lawyer, after her daughter was seriously hurt in a car accident on her way to church with her grandparents. The accident resulted in a catastrophic brain injury that quickly changed their lives. Throughout the process Nigel […]...Read More

Car Accident Case Testimonial- Meet Justine

At age 19 Justine Clark was headed to her friend’s home to get ready for a night out in the town. While waiting at a crosswalk, she was struck by a car and sent into a 64-day coma. She turned to Nigel Gilby and his team for help. She describes him as a “bear”, a […]...Read More

Car Accident Case Testimonial- Meet Henry

Henry was in a car accident at an intersection and became injured. He worked with a prior law firm, and was very unsatisfied with the progress. His health network referred Henry to ‘Superman Nigel Gilby’, and therefore decided to turn to Nigel Gilby, a Lerners Personal Injury Lawyer, and his team for his case. Almost […]...Read More

Spinal Cord Injury Case Testimonial- Meet Michael

Michael was driving on a gravel road when he lost control and flipped over his car. He incurred a devastating spinal cord injury which has changed the course of his life. He came to Nigel Gilby and Lerners Personal Injury after his accident to gain the fair compensation he needed to support his recovery and […]...Read More

Slip and Fall Case Testimonial- Meet Lorraine

I was involved in a slip and fall accident where I incurred injuries that prevented me from returning to my physically demanding job. Without the experience of Nigel Gilby, I would have never been able to deal with the Insurance companies. Nigel and his team handled all the issues for me before they became problems. […]...Read More

Traumatic Brain Injury Case Testimonial- Meet Richie

Richie Ray was in a car accident 3 years ago. He was driving home from working a night shift when his car drifted over the centre line and he collided with an oncoming vehicle totaling his vehicle. After his catastrophic brain injury and massive orthopedic injuries, Richie spent 9 months of intensive rehabilitation at Parkwood […]...Read More

Traumatic Brain Injury Case Testimonial- Meet Keli and Doug

Our son was involved in a near fatal motorbike accident and suffered a traumatic brain injury. Our world, in an instant, turned upside down. Nigel Gilby was recommended to us and we are so thankful – we knew nothing about dealing with an insurance company, treatment plans etc. We met with Nigel and found him […]...Read More

Traumatic Brain Injury Case Testimonial- Meet Sue

Personal injury cases aren’t just about obtaining fair compensation for my clients, they’re also about helping families and loved ones find the strength and courage they need to come together around their injured loved one. Sue’s daughter suffered a catastrophic brain injury after being involved in an auto accident. Sue’s family was scared and unsure […]...Read More

Car Accident Case Testimonial- Meet Laura

In June of 2001, Laura was in a terrible car accident. Her accident and resulting injuries were not only a challenge for Laura, but also very challenging and devastating for her family as well. While securing fair compensation for my client’s is always top of mind, I believe that my role in my client’s lives […]...Read More

Car Accident Case Testimonial- Meet Larissa

“I’ve had the great privilege of knowing Larissa for almost a decade. A woman of incredible optimism and fortitude, she was struck by a truck running a red light while riding her bicycle. The accident left her paralyzed and uncertain about her future. While we completed her case in 2012, I stay in touch with […]...Read More

Meet Cory

I want to thank you and your team for all you have done for me. From the start, days after my accident, you guided me and helped me throughout the whole time. Going through therapy, advocating strongly on my behalf with the insurance company so I can get better and having the resources to do […]...Read More

Car Accident Case Testimonial- Meet Matt

“As a practice leader for Lerners Personal Injury I’ve had the privilege of supporting and advocating for a wide variety people. Like all of my clients, Matt came to me at a turning point in his life and I’m grateful he took the time to share his story so you may better understand how I […]...Read More

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