Car Accident Case Testimonial – Meet Kasey

Car Accident Case Testimonial – Meet Kasey

Kasey was on his way home from volunteering for a youth facility, when everything in life changed instantaneously. He was suddenly struck head-on by a drunk driver who crossed two lanes of traffic, leaving him pinned in his car. Kasey suffered numerous serious injuries, including a shattered wrist, a fractured pelvis and a dislocated leg.

Kasey struggled to adapt to everyday tasks, like sleeping, eating and self-care. His immobility was a challenge and taking his Mom’s advice, Kasey contacted Maia Bent in search of help.

At his bedside, the two met and Maia began the process of finding Kasey the help he needed. Kasey credits Maia and her team for always making him a priority and getting him what was in his best interest, allowing Kasey to focus on recovery and getting his life back on a new path.

Maia Bent

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