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Client Testimonial – Dennis & Diane

My wife & I have recently concluded a lawsuit against an insurance company following a motor vehicle accident. My wife sustained life-altering injuries, with multiple follow-up visits to the hospital for surgeries & care. Physiotherapy for her injuries would continue for life, as well as medication for constant pain & related complications from her surgeries.

We were from out of town & were very lucky to have Mr. Nigel Gilby from Lerners LLP recommended to us. How extremely fortunate we were. Mr. Gilby immediately took control of all dealings with our insurance company regarding my wife’s immediate care & requirements ensuring they were providing all necessities as required. A case worker was assigned to evaluate my wife, & with Mr. Gilby a level of rehabilitation & necessities was provided to ensure her continued healing & physical requirements. The professionalism & compassion shown by all our contacts at Lerners LLP was extremely appreciated.

Although the defendant in our lawsuit was 100% guilty in the motorcycle – vehicle collision, and the injuries to my wife were not in dispute, their insurance company would not provide a reasonable monetary settlement. This is when the value of a very good, experienced lawyer is necessary. Our case took over 5 ½ years to conclude. We went through the legal proceedings of discovery, mediation, & pre-trial.   Mr. Gilby’s confidence, persistence, & determination to assure that we received reasonable compensation was effective in reaching a settlement prior to going to a trial that was beyond our expectations. We were able to avoid an out-of-town trial, which could have lasted up to 3 weeks and would have been extremely difficult for my wife.

We would strongly recommend Mr. Gilby to anyone who requires a litigation lawyer. He will provide you the very best of representation, and a strong support system with the firm of Lerners LLP.

– Dennis & Diane

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