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Client Testimonial | Larry & Carol

Nigel & Sarah

We know Nigel and Sarah that both of you have been busily diving into our case file this year and are prepared for our tort case to move forward. Sarah has been hard at work setting up several mediation dates with the other parties involved. Thank-you Sarah for your contribution in the preparation for this tort case – getting future care cost numbers and all of the emails regarding mediation and court dates, etc.

And Nigel, as the saying goes, actions speaks louder than words and on Friday April 26th you went the extra mile. As other law representatives from the other parties’ law firms involved in our case stepped into assignment court our senior very highly respected lawyer took the time to ensure our case was going to be handled sooner rather than later. Obviously, the honorable judge took note of your presence and the seriousness of resolving this case. The end result was what we wanted; trial dates set for next year 2020. Thank you so very much for that Nigel!

When an accident happens, it changes the life of the victims and their families. Since the age of Larry 20, and myself 19, we worked as a married couple together, purchased our home and raised our children, put them thru school etc. and we controlled our own destiny. Then post-accident, with neither of us able to work, we no longer control our own destiny and our lives, our future may ultimately be determined within a court room. It is scary knowing one must leave control of their future, their own destiny in the hands of someone else. I remember speaking to my first-time psychiatrist and he said if you continue to worry and stress daily about your future for the next six years you will either become sick or possibly not even be around for Larry or to see the results. You have a good lawyer and team in which you have to put your trust and start living your life pretty much one day at a time and try not to look to far into the future otherwise it will drive you crazy. I have taken that sound advice and am very pleased with my decision that I chose you to help us.

Please know within your daily work you change lives forever and give people like us peace of mind knowing someone is in their corner fighting on their behalf for our future quality of life and happiness.
Larry and I are happy you and your team are the ones representing us on this long and sometimes difficult journey.

I know I get a little winded but simply we just wanted to say, Thank-you so much for everything. We truly appreciate it!


– Larry & Carol

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