Personal Injury Case Testimonial

Client Testimonial | May 2020

I had needed help and I am so grateful to Nigel Gilby and Karen Simpson of Lerners law firm. My challenged cousin had become a targeted victim of predatory door to door salespeople and she was on the verge of losing her home. She is elderly, legally blind, noticeably mentally and physically challenged and she lives alone. I had been working for over two years, unsuccessfully, attempting to manage the many thousands of dollars in liens and bills related to unusable, unnecessary equipment installed in her home by unwanted salespeople who bully the vulnerable.

I heard about Lerners through their relationship with the Brain Injury Association. After reviewing my cousin’s dilemma with both Nigel and Karen I felt a great sense of relief. They immediately started to work through the issues. Due to all their efforts, I am thrilled to say my cousin’s title on her house is now free and clear. We are so grateful to both lawyers for their expertise, compassion, efficiency and above all their sense of integrity. I would highly recommend their legal services.

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