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Sexual Assault Case Testimonial – Elizabeth Grace

“I was raised in a traditional, Irish, Catholic family. During my teen years I was sexually assaulted hundreds of times by two highly respected and trusted priests who were also family friends. I was devastated by the priests’ abuse and the lack of intervention by adult witnesses.

I was violated physically, sexually, emotionally and spiritually for years.

The experience left me alienated from my family, friends and religious community. It continues to affect my health, relationships and employment opportunities. Elizabeth and her team were very sensitive to the long-term impacts of the abuse. I was consistently treated respectfully and professionally. Elizabeth ensured I was well informed of the challenges involved in civil litigation and ensured I was in control of decisions. I never felt pressured to undertake legal action. During the legal process, Elizabeth made every effort to reduce my stress. Inquiries received prompt, clear, professional responses. Actions that were promised were undertaken and reported on. Media inquiries were curtailed. Throughout the process, I found Elizabeth to be honest, conscientious, trustworthy and approachable. I felt supported, respected, informed and in control of decisions.

Most significant to me was that I felt valued by Elizabeth. For the first time, the trauma I suffered and its impacts on my life were understood, acknowledged and validated.

Undertaking civil litigation and facing the defendants was extremely difficult. Elizabeth was an excellent and true advocate.”

Anonymous Former Client


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