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Sexual Assault Case Testimonial

“During the year of 2012, after more than 20 years of shame, embarrassment and confusion, I came forward and confessed to my mother that a trusted male from a large children’s organization had sexually abused me from the ages of 11-14. She was devastated. We went to the police and he was charged and convicted of the charges. Two other boys came forward as well. After hearing the judge’s decision, I realized that if the organization had done its job properly, I would never have had any contact with this person.

This is where Elizabeth and her phenomenal staff came into my life. I reached out to Lerners and was put in contact with Elizabeth Grace. From start to finish, Elizabeth and all her staff treated me with the utmost respect through integrity, understanding, sympathy and compassion. Elizabeth not only helped me with my case but helped me find professional help which I am currently seeking out and will continue to use in the future to repair the damage and devastation this crime has done to me and my family.

During the whole process, Elizabeth made sure my family and I were okay emotionally, well-informed and, most importantly, prepared for the events and demands which a civil lawsuit presents.
I thank Elizabeth and her staff for everything. It was truly amazing to work with her under the circumstances. She has helped and impacted my life in a tremendous way.”

Thank you!

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