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Sexual Assault Case Testimonial- “Elizabeth was a relentless advocate for my rights and helped restore the dignity I once lost.”

“I was a teenager from an immigrant family who lost my mother to cancer. Two years after my mother’s death, my father suffered a heart attack. It was at this vulnerable time in my life, in the mid-1970’s, that I was raped by a trusted professional in Toronto. At the time and for a very long time afterwards, I was devastated, confused, isolated and terribly ashamed and did not know where to turn. I told no one. It was many years later before I was strong enough to confront my abuser through a court action. In doing so, I learned that he had sexually assaulted another young woman. This was a watershed moment for me as it confirmed that all along I was telling the truth and I was not the only one.

Elizabeth partnered with me in dealing with my personal triumph. She is the epitome of what an attorney “should be”. She sets the bar high for the legal profession and client advocacy. Elizabeth helped bring closure to a chapter in my life that I thought would never have an ending. Without her encouragement, I would not have had the strength to pursue such a difficult task – this case brought me back to a time in my life that I wanted to forget. She helped me bring this case forward and fight for the justice I deserved. Elizabeth was a relentless advocate for my rights and helped restore the dignity that I once lost. With the closing of the case, I now feel whole again and at peace with myself and my past and I look forward to my future. Elizabeth brought light in my life that was so dark by having justice served to my abuser. I no longer feel like a victim.

Elizabeth was empathetic, sensitive, professional and above all genuine. She actively listened and showed me how much she cared by treating me like an individual rather than a case. She is approachable and non-judgmental, making it easy to confide in her. She has a very pleasing disposition that I know is deep-seated in her soul – she is a truly kind individual. Elizabeth was a godsend in my life. I hold her in the highest regard and will never forget all that she has given me.”

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