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Exceeded My Expectations Beyond What I Could Ever Imagine

“In June 2016, I was in a life-changing accident. A few days after the accident, my family and I decided to consult with a legal team to decide if we should take legal action.  We made the easy decision of calling Lerners LLP.

I consulted with Nigel Gilby and Karen Simpson. They were extremely helpful, educating us about the process without using legal jargon. One of the things my family and I were told was that it could be several years before a settlement might arise. There were times throughout my case that it seemed as though that day would never come. However, this was not actually the case because I was constantly kept in the loop with every detail along the way.

Karen was phenomenal because she did not put pressure on us whatsoever and made the required decision-making process extremely easy. Karen laid out all of the scenarios that applied to my case, as well as all of the possibilities that I needed to consider with each scenario. She really helped me think about what may have been best for me before I made any decisions.  From the first meeting with her, it was very obvious that she made sure her clients came first before anything else, and she would do whatever she needed to do in order to make them feel that way which I certainly did from the start.  Karen was super informative about every call and email she had with the other side. She didn’t leave me with a feeling that I was left out of the process.  She was very easy to approach, too, and I could ask questions without feeling embarrassed.

On Karen and Nigel’s team is Tanner, who is a clerk who positively influenced my experience, too. He was on top of every email, phone call, or photograph that I needed to deal with. Tanner always explained why he was reaching out, what Karen needed for my case and also gave my family and me much clarity along the way.

I really can’t thank them enough for all they have done for my family and me over the years.  They were all extremely welcoming, and Karen always invited my parents to join calls and meetings, which was awesome because it showed that she was doing her job for the right reason!

I would highly recommend Karen for any legal needs that fall within the scope of her expertise. As I said, Karen and the rest of her team, including Tanner, made the process very easy.  There isn’t one negative experience I had working with them. They exceeded my expectations way beyond what I could ever imagine.

Thank you guys for all of your hard work and dedication towards my case!”

Noah M.

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