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Her Background as a Firefighter and Understanding of the Trauma First Responders Endure Was Beneficial to My Case

Honestly, I don’t know what I would have done without Karen and her team the last few years!

Firstly, I want to thank Karen for being very caring, easy to talk to, and understanding of my family’s needs. Specifically, her background as a firefighter and understanding of the trauma First Responders endure was beneficial to my case.

Karen really listened during our initial meeting and fully understood what I was experiencing. Not once did she ever make me feel as though my injuries from the motor vehicle accident were trivial. Without Karen’s guidance navigating the legal and insurance frameworks, I would have been left to my own devices and been at a serious disadvantage against the insurance companies, especially when it came to settlement. Karen and her team, and specifically Lisa Bradshaw and Brittany Weston, worked behind the scenes consistently to ensure my needs were being met. Whenever I emailed or called Karen, I knew that Lisa and Brittany would also be made aware of why I reached out. Not once did I have to repeat myself, and I was also constantly updated on the status of my case.

Thank you for making my experience feel like we had a personal connection that was beyond just lawyer and client.

Brenda F.

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