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Sexual Assault Case Testimonial- Meet M.D.

“Before I met Gillian I suffered severe trauma; I was sexually abused for years. I had repercussions so severe, I lost my art, job, passion and my soul. The priest who sexually abused my body and mind was a sick priest. He was very sick and dangerous; he is deceased now.

When I met Gillian I was so frightened because the sexual abuse had severe repercussions that made it very hard to talk, and inside myself I was falling apart. Gillian knew this. Gillian made me feel normal as I explained in fear and turmoil what I suffered. I went through many stages of healing in the time I knew Gillian. She made me feel normal when I found it difficult to talk about what I went through. Gillian treated me with dignity throughout the process.

She made me know ‘you are normal; this is not your fault. You are behaving normal from what you suffered.’ Toward the end of knowing Gillian, I needed to know that everything I told her was the truth. This was important to me that she believed me, and that I never ever lied to her. To be heard and to be believed is important to me, I said to her. Gillian is a great listener…People like her come into this world, have the insight to understand, and validate a broken soul. She did this for me and this gave me back my dignity.”


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