Client Testimonial

“I can now put my energy into healing and creating the life I want for myself and my family.”

I spoke with a few different attorneys before deciding on Lerners, but the choice was clear after my first meeting with Elizabeth. She was incredibly insightful about the system and was honest and clear about what to expect from her and the process should I choose to move forward. Though it was difficult, I’m glad I moved forward based on my experience and the outcome of my litigation.

I am grateful to every member of her team for their expert handling of my complex case. Their counsel in every area was accurate, and I felt well prepared for each new development, including navigating through the challenges of Covid.

Erika, in particular, was everything I needed my lawyer to be. Calm, professional, knowledgeable and compassionate. She skillfully led me through each step of the process, answering all of my questions quickly and explaining things clearly without being condescending. She kept me focused on what was important, and I always felt like the decisions being made were mine. It is obvious she is passionate about her work and cares about getting the best possible results for her clients.

This undertaking has changed my life in so many positive ways beyond the favourable financial compensation I received. The closure and confidence I’ve gained through this experience are unmeasurable. I can now put my energy into healing and creating the life I want for myself and my family.

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