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“Six Years Later, I’m Grateful to Say That I Can Still Count on Alden and His Team.”

“When you find yourself in a traumatic experience at a certain time in your life, it’s the actions you take at that moment that will matter the most. For myself, I was in a car accident that little did I know at that moment would affect me six years later.

The most important and best action that saved me was calling Alden. Not only did Alden and his team guide me through this traumatic experience, he made sure I was okay when I couldn’t work anymore. As more unanticipated legal issues arose, Alden and his team protected and ensured that I was taken care of financially, physically, mentally and emotionally. I don’t know what would’ve happened to me without Alden, but I do know it would’ve been far worse.

Accidents happen, but we never think of how they will affect us in the long term. Having lost my job as a result of the accident, he ensured I would be okay financially now during the storm and afterwards. Having developed physical and emotional ailments, he guided me to the right people that could help me and truthfully saved my life. Six years later, I’m still learning to cope from the traumatic experience, and I’m grateful to say that I can still count on Alden and his angels (Lerners team) for guidance and support. Thank you, Alden, Rachel, Kelly, and the rest of the angels at Lerners. I’m so very grateful for you all.” 

Written with Love and Gratitude, 

Laura Meatte

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