Personal Injury Case Testimonial

I made the right choice…

I was uneasy with what was happening with my insurance carrier; the dragged out, no-information process was daunting and exhausting. With family support and trusting my gut feeling, I called Lerners for guidance.

At our first meeting, Andrew immediately took the stress of my disability claim away. He was forthright, honest and easy to talk to. He made a plan for us. Every step was thoroughly discussed and his team’s communication style put both myself and my husband at ease. Experience was at work here and this made us confident that my initial call was the right thing to do.

My legal team kept me up to date as the process took its natural flow and they even checked in to say hi. I know I made the right choice in selecting Andrew – the expected results were delivered and I know I can call on him or his team anytime for help. Or just to say hi.

I recommend you reach out to Lerners / Andrew if your gut tells you something is not right with what your insurer has told you. Chances are you are right.


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