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Lerners Personal Injury Testimonials – Concussion Injury

“I was sitting in a booth at a lounge in Toronto and was seriously injured when a large and heavy mirror fell off the wall and struck my head. I suffered a head injury and physical injuries. I had suffered a concussion in the past, and this made the effects of the head injury I sustained at the lounge even worse. I was off work for a long period of time. I eventually returned to work but I continue to suffer from a number of debilitating symptoms, including vertigo. I was not able to pursue the career path I had planned at the financial institution where I work. I knew someone who worked at an insurance company and he referred me to Lerners. He told me that Lerners has a good reputation for fighting for the plaintiffs and that insurance companies get nervous when dealing with Lerners because of how tough they are. I hired Lerners to act for me in my claim against the lounge. They pursued my claim diligently. I attended with my lawyer at a settlement conference with a Judge and the opposing lawyers, and felt very comfortable with my lawyer’s handling of my case and his understanding of the challenges and losses I had experienced. My lawsuit settled shortly after the settlement conference. The amount of the settlement was larger than I had expected. A lawsuit is not fun, but my lawyer and his group helped make the process manageable for me.”


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