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Lerners Personal Injury Testimonials – Head Injury/Slip and Fall

“I am writing this letter to recommend Lerners. In addition to their superb professionalism and expertise, they bring personal warmth to a client meeting that is exceptional. They take the time to explain matters fully, to answer questions, and to outline realistic expectations. The feeling that one counts as a person is also established in their quick response in keeping clients informed of a claim’s progress, either through subsequent meetings, communication from staff, or emails.

The lawyer from Lerners was not the first lawyer my husband and I had seen to review my claim. A year previous we met with a claims lawyer who assured us of the validity of my claim and security of a settlement in excess of that offered by the insurance company. We did not doubt the lawyer’s expertise, but simply felt that there was something missing in the relationship being offered. Hence, we decided not to pursue the matter further.

I received a head injury from a slip and fall three years ago, and one of the effects was severe headaches that left me bedridden for nearly two years. It was my cognitive therapist who recommended Lerners. At our initial meeting I discovered that my Lerners lawyer also knew my neurologist. Such professional acquaintances are a result of extensive experience in settling various accident claims. As soon as we met, I knew my Lerners lawyer was the right lawyer, and person, to handle my claim. That first impression has been confirmed in our subsequent meetings and in the settlement of my claim. They not only helped my husband and I get an amount beyond what the first lawyer had suggested but also gave us very sound advice on what and what not to expect.

We highly recommend Lerners to future clients.”

Seonaid W. Lotta


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