Traumatic Brain Injury Testimonial – Meet Brent

Kim Munro not only recovers adequate compensation for her clients, she connects with them in a very personal way. Brent came to Kim Munro after his accident for help getting his life back together. One day when headed out for a routine truck check at the fire department, someone ran a stop sign and hit Brent in his car. The accident made it difficult to work the long hours the family was used to working on the farm, but Kim was able to help them figure out new strategies that would work for them. Brent says she took the time to run through everything, inform them on the steps of what would be happening, and really help out his family. Discover how Kim Munro was able to calm the storm and develop strategies to help Brent and his family cope with his brain injury.

Brain Injury Case Testimonial – Watch this client share their Lerners experience


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