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Meet Cory

I want to thank you and your team for all you have done for me. From the start, days after my accident, you guided me and helped me throughout the whole time. Going through therapy, advocating strongly on my behalf with the insurance company so I can get better and having the resources to do so. |Anything I needed to help me get better, you made sure I had the resources to do so ALL THE TIME.

There were times I just wanted to give up with this, but you were like family and helped me through the stressful times , I don’t know what I would have done without you guys. Words cannot describe what you have done for me and my family both emotionally and financially..I can now move on with my life, not worry and allow myself to continue to heal both physically and emotionally because of you all. As I am writing this, I start to tear up because you all mean so much to me and I am forever grateful to you both ( Nigel and Patty) and Lerner’s. I still want to come by and visit from time to time, you have the best coffee lol.

Forever grateful with love,

Cory Lesky

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