Car Accident Testimonial- Meet Dan

Dan was injured when he was thrown through the back window of a minivan that lost control on a gravel road and crashed into a ditch. Dan struggled to deal with his insurance company until he finally retained Lerners LLP and Personal Injury Lawyer, Nigel Gilby. Nigel and his team helped Dan through what he describes as “tough-times” and guided him to gain fair compensation, accident benefits, and assisted his individual path to recovery.

When Dan was looking for a lawyer he focused on three things: A well known reputation in the industry, an attentive support staff, and trust that they will work hard for you in any court hearing. Nigel Gilby perfectly met all of Dan’s expectations. Dan says that as soon as he was helped by Nigel he could see the light at the end of the tunnel and that throughout his entire process he feels like he’s built a life lasting relationship. Listen to Dan’s story and discover why he feels his experience makes him feel part of the family.

Car Accident Case Testimonial – Watch this client share their Lerners experience

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