Personal Injury Case Testimonial

Meet Isaac

Dear Maia, Cindy, and Arianne,

I wanted to write you to thank you for all you’ve done for me.

You never expect to need a lawyer. I certainly didn’t, and I didn’t want one. I thought “why make it bigger? Cost won’t be worth it… etc.

But I needed to be the best advocate for my self and I was the least capable I had ever been to do so. I floundered for a while, I asked for minor support from the insurance company – they said yes – until they said no.

A good friend recommended you and I’m so grateful they did.

You worked to get me to therapies that allow me to be functional, you treated me respectfully, even as I stammered or lost where I was going in conversation etc.

I would not be as much of my former self without your involvement. A truly terrifying thought. I’m able to be a husband and a father (and a person) because of your efforts.

So, as I’ve said before, thank you isn’t enough but I don’t know if anything could convey the appreciation I have for you good people. So it’ll have to do.

Thank you – for taking me on.
Thank you – for fighting for me.
Thank you – for helping me.
Thank you – for being available when I had questions and concerns.
Thank you for recognizing that I needed you.

– Isaac

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