Car Accident Testimonial- Meet Jeff

One night on his way home from a baseball game Jeff and his sister were in a horrific car accident. In just a short instant Jeff and his family’s lives were changed immeasurably. With the help of Nigel and his team Jeff’s family was able to focus on making sure Jeff recovered, while at the same time having peace of mind that all the ‘behind the scenes’ details were being taken care of. Nigel conveniently met with Jeff and his family directly at the hospital, and largely helped with unloading any added stress off their plates. Jeff says that Nigel and his team were nothing but accommodating and answered all the questions they had in a quick and timely manner.

Due to the accident, Jeff’s standard of living was affected and there were a lot of things around the home that needed to be adapted and customized. It is the small things that most do not consider until they are in the position of living with a disability. Nigel and his team were very helpful in this regard to make appropriate home accommodations for Jeff and his family, ensuring he was comfortable with daily life at home. Discover how Lerners was able to help Jeff and his family recover and support them every step of the way with compassion and understanding.

Car Accident Case Testimonial – Watch this client share their Lerners experience

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