Car Accident Case Testimonial- Meet Peter

There’s nothing more trying than getting an emergency call at night in the middle of supper. Pete’s father-in-law was driving along a road in the winter, when a tractor trailer collided into the side of his vehicle. They turned to Bill Simpson, a Lerners Personal Injury lawyer for help. An accident like this doesn’t just change the person who’s suffered an injury, it ripples out through the whole family.

Bill immediately mete with Pete and his family at their home. Pete says that Bill was a home town kind of guy, which instantly made him feel more comfortable. At the time he was overwhelmed with insurance company requirements, but Bill assured him that there was no need to worry and that he would take care of anything that was needed.

“My friend Pete was gracious enough to share his story with you. I hope in it you find some encouragement and commonality. There is nothing easy about these moments in our lives, but with the right help there is always some light at the end of the tunnel.” – Bill Simpson.

Car Accident Case Testimonial – Watch this client share their Lerners experience

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