Traumatic Brain Injury Testimonial- Meet Teresa

Teresa, a young mother to a three and half year old came to Nigel Gilby, a Lerners Personal Injury Lawyer, after her daughter was seriously hurt in a car accident on her way to church with her grandparents. The accident resulted in a catastrophic brain injury that quickly changed their lives.

Throughout the process Nigel took care of everything from A to Z. Not only did he present options for Teresa, but also provided guidance so that Teresa could make the best decisions for her daughter. Nigel often checked in with Teresa and over the years has become a another father figure for her with all the support and guidance he has given. She says that all you have to do is voice your concerns and Nigel and his team will take care of it.  Listen to their story and discover how Nigel and his team were able to give Teresa and her daughter the advice, support, and service they needed to enjoy the best possible quality of life in the wake of this injury.

Brain Injury Case Testimonial – Watch this client share their Lerners experience

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