Personal Injury Case Testimonial

Motorcycle Accident Client Testimonial

It was a nice October morning when I was riding my motorcycle to work, when out of nowhere I was hit by a car that was turning left. I was thrown from my bike and found myself laying on the ground with a broken femur and some broken ribs. I felt relieved that I was alive, but I was in a lot of pain laying there on the road. After having a very tricky surgery to repair my leg, I felt I needed to reach out to a lawyer to discuss what happens next, as I had adjusters calling me while I was in the hospital recovering.

Alysia was recommended to me by my occupational therapist, so I decided to take that advice and give her office a call. Alysia called me back promptly to confirm she could represent me in my time of need. She didn’t sound like a lawyer, she didn’t give me a bunch of legal background. Alysia acted like a long-time friend willing to help out with everything. I no longer had to deal with the insurance adjusters and I was able to recover without worry. Alysia looked after everything for me. Over the next five and half years and three surgeries, Alysia was always there. She constantly followed up with me, taking every one of my phone calls, responding to my numerous emails as I struggled with the anxiety associated with how things were progressing. Alysia was on top of things every step of the way. She had the experience to guide me in picking the best experts in their fields and introduced me to the Orthopedic Surgeon who was instrumental in the process of getting my femur to heal.

If it wasn’t for Alysia, I wouldn’t have been able to pull myself out of the hole I was in. I was able to reclaim my independence and quality of life. Alysia was caring, compassionate and extremely smart in the legal process of personal injury. Alysia provided me with the necessary guidance and tools to get my claim settled outside of court. I don’t consider Alysia my lawyer, I consider her my friend – my family. I also got to watch Alysia grow with Lerners LLP over the time we worked together. I continuously bragged to my family about her success and how Alysia is a strong lawyer and a great asset to her law firm. Alysia is someone who I would recommend to anyone.

Thank you Alysia for everything you have done for me and my family.

– Jason S.


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