Personal Injury Case Testimonial

Client Testimonial

I’m writing to say thank you for representing me in my legal case over the last two years.

During the summer I went on an amazing two month long trip, and I’m excited to report I’ve just begun back at school full time!

Not only did the outcome of the case remove some of the financial barriers that made it challenging for me to move on with my life after being assaulted, but more importantly, the entire process allowed me to confront and move past the experience emotionally. While it will always remain something that has shaped me and that I will never forget, having been assaulted is no longer something that weighs on me daily.

Thank you both for your compassion and for treating the case as a collaborative effort in which I was respected, listened to, and regarded as equal. I always felt comfortable airing my concerns and asking questions when I needed guidance. I truly appreciate your efforts to make something that could have been incredibly overwhelming and scary feel manageable.

I feel very lucky to have had you both on my side.


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