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We Were Led by the Hand and Reassured Along the Way

In May of 2018, my sister was struck by a car as a pedestrian in a private parking lot. Before this happened, she suffered from cognitive disabilities and social challenges so the accident left her totally unable to fend for herself. She had virtually no safety net to fall back on.

I retained Lerners LLP and, in particular, Karen Simpson.

Karen was not deterred by my sister’s pre-existing health conditions. She lead the charge representing my sister by putting together a wonderful treatment team. The team were committed to my sister’s recovery and helped guide her back to a level of functioning that, after several surgeries, I could not have imagined was possible when the accident first happened.

We were led by the hand and reassured along the way during a difficult two and a half year journey, with what I can only explain as, laser-like focus and precision by Karen and her team.

Our experience was one of gratitude, and relief, for being so well treated and represented. I can honestly say my sister would have fallen through the cracks with little to no hope of recovery without Karen’s assistance.

My sister commented to me on several occasions that she felt as safe as being in our mother’s arms with Karen.

For anyone else who may have to endure this type of misfortune or experience or go through what we did, you would be well advised to seek out Karen!!




Greg St. Pierre

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