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Which Lawyer’s Name Do You Hate to See When an Insurance Claim Lands on Your Desk?

Without getting into my family’s details, let’s say I have met more than my share of lawyers and their teams behind-the-scenes for 10+ years: in meetings, before judges, at case conferences, examinations, mediation, zoom meetings and through emails and telephone calls – more interactions then anyone should have in their lifetime frankly! So (regrettably) I consider myself a person with some unique insight when choosing a lawyer.

Nancy McAuley is not only an exceptional and compassionate human being; she has a brilliant legal mind as well as fabulous connections in the community, so you can focus on getting better. She is by far the most efficient and well-prepared lawyer I have ever worked with. She is incredibly articulate and succinct when arguing before a judge.  Nancy can pivot when a judge interrupts and asks questions, and she can respond without missing a beat with laser-sharp clarity, unlike some of her peers who must “find” the answer in their notes. She always has a detailed game plan, and her clients are prepped and have realistic expectations of what to expect for every part of the process. In my opinion, she is an effective negotiator in a mediation setting and is three steps ahead of everyone.

How did we choose Nancy McAuley? We asked an acquaintance (who is an insurance adjuster) which lawyer’s name do you hate to see when a claim lands on your desk? He asked around and said it was unanimous: Nancy McAuley. Why? Because she works hard for her clients and is a pleasant pain in the butt. Enough said.


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